I spent some time on developing a card game…

Belote is one of the most popular card games in France that I really appreciate. I worked with Nathan Prior and Bernard David on this project. We wanted to make it playable on Android with an Artificial Intelligence to play the 3 other players.


This part was the most fun to do. We made a state of the art (test & comparaison of existing Belote apps), a mockup of our app, and we had a list of cool features to enhance the experience (rewards, challenges, etc.).


We used the MVC pattern which allowed us to develop in parallel the core of the game and the interface on Android. We worked by pair on these 2 topics with decent results :

  • IA wasn’t as smart as a good player but was following rules and had a basic strategy
  • We made layouts and handle user’s interaction with events listeners

Unfortunately we didn’t know how to integrate the model on Android… So we were able to play on a Java console but not on our smartphone, what a shame! We stopped the project here by lack of time, maybe we’ll finish it later!